Element Fitness was started in 2007. Sam moved to Atlanta in 2000 and had a career in electronics but always desired to be in the fitness industry. His love for sports kept him active as an adolescent and continued up into college. Weight training came natural to him and it was something he enjoyed with his friends growing up.


  It started for him in seventh grade. Because of football, he was required to weight train during school. He joined the weightlifting team and started lifting after school during the fall and winter. He there learned his love for weightlifting. Under great coaching, Sam was disciplined in the techniques of power lifting and developed his skillset. He contributes these skills to his coaches during this period of time. Sam didn't stop there, he continued to educate himself and practice techniques to grow stronger. Powerlifting was his first endeavor into fitness.


  Into college, Sam learned different aspects of conditioning and continued to train even after school. Earning a degree and taking up the trade of electronics, Sam moved to Atlanta in 2000. Working in the electronics field was rewarding but he knew where his heart was. In 2007, Element Fitness was founded. Picking up several skillsets and certifications, the business started to grow. Helping others reach their potential just the way his dedicated coaches helped him.


  At Element Fitness, Sam understands the importance of staying on top of his knowledge. As with everything, fitness evolves and demands trainers to stay up to date. Sam uses all types of methods to help his clients reach their goal all while being fun and enjoyable. Changing workouts constantly is key to prevent accommodation. Sam delivers challenging workouts that will push the limits and help transform his clients into what they desire.


  Sam is a certified personal trainer and strength coach. He is primarily located in midtown Atlanta. Being independently contracted allows him to deliver his clients the best possible workout and help build relationships with them. Sam trains most of his clients at Urban Body Fitness located in Amsterdam walk in Midtown.