At Element Fitness, Sam implements several styles of training. These types are safe and effective and are designed for the individual. He believes in custom tailoring the workouts to the client instead of generic exercises you see at most gyms. His methods are backed by science and have been proven to produce rock solid results.


   Educated through several certifications, Sam uses his knowledge to insure his clients reach their ultimate fitness goals. Experienced in weightlifting, cardio development, powerlifting, sports training, and martial arts, He understands that keeping a well-rounded spectrum of training will improve the quality of the client's workout. He is experienced in developing powerlifting programs, circuit training programs, high intensity interval training, and cardio conditioning programs. Utilizing every tool available, his workouts are ever changing to prevent accommodation.


  Element fitness has different rate packages to suit the client's needs. Below are the hourly rates and package deals available. Group training sessions are available and rates are based on the size of group. Most forms of payment are accepted. Check with Sam for details.


Single Session (55 minutes)


10 Session package

      $70/session ($700 total)

30  Session package

     $60/session ($1800total)